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Operational Excellence

Effizienzsteigerung im gesamten Unternehmen durch Null-Verluste, Null-Stillstände, Null-Fehler und Null-Unfälle unter Einbeziehung aller Mitarbeiter in selbstorganisierten Teams. Ein System, das betriebliche Verbesserungsansätze wie Lean, TPM, Six Sigma, Kaizen und KVP vereint.


Qualität & Six Sigma

In diesem Kompetenzbereich geht es darum, eine optimale Qualität sicherzustellen, um die Kundenzufriedenheit zu erhalten und zu steigern. Six Sigma ist dafür eine bewährte Methode. Weiterhin finden Sie hier Seminare zu den vielfältigen Themen der Qualitätssicherung.


Künstliche Intelligenz (KI)

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) transformiert Branchen, revolutioniert Arbeitsweisen und schafft völlig neue Geschäftsmodelle. Mit unserem Weiterbildungsprogramm rüsten wir Sie mit dem notwendigen Wissen und den Werkzeugen aus, um die digitale Transformation in Ihrem Unternehmen erfolgreich zu gestalten.


Alternative Leadership Forum 2022

28. - 29. November 2022 in Herrieden, Germany

Campus for Leaders at
CETPM Institute, Ansbach University

Awesome People - Awesome Ideas

Jeffrey Liker
Jeffrey Liker
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson
Isao Yoshino
Isao Yoshino
Tilo Schwarz
Tilo Schwarz
Magdalena Riepl
Magdalena Riepl
Dr. Henning Beck
Dr. Henning Beck

Global competition and change require teams and organizations that adapt quickly and keep developing innovative solutions. That is why there is so much discussion about new forms of collaboration, agile methods, and flexible working time models.

We believe that, above all, this also requires new approaches to leadership. Leaders have not been as challenged as they are now for a long time, and good leadership has not been as necessary as it is today.

Leadership that develops skills, promotes teamwork at eye level, and creates a climate that motivates. Giving direction instead of micro-management. Coaching instead of instructing. Developing leaders instead of followers. Do you have a similar view? Then meet like-minded people at the Alternative Leadership Forum 2022 at the Campus for Leaders.

Get inspired, exchange ideas and, above all, let's work together on practical approaches that you can take back to your leadership.

We look forward to welcoming you to Herrieden Campus and Colmberg Castle!


Program Overview - November 28-29, 2022

Monday, November 28 2022
Individual Arrival
12:00 Networking Lunch
13:00 Welcome & Start
13:10 Tilo Schwarz

Opening Keynote
Management in times of change

13:30 Jeffrey K. Liker

The Toyota Way

14:30 Networking Break
15:00 Boost your Transformation

Interactive Case Study 1

15:45 Boost your Transformation

Interactive Case Study 2

16:30 Networking Break
17:00 Katie Anderson & Isao Yoshino
Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

Live Online Presentation

17:45 Wrap-up Day 1
18:00 Transfer to Hotel / Leisure Time
19:00 Networking Dinner at

“Colmberg Castle”

20:00 Jefrey K. Liker
Tilo Schwarz

Fireside Discussion and Q&A
Tuesday, November 29 2022
08:30 Welcome Day 2
08:40 Tilo Schwarz

Coach or Tell - Alternative Leadership

09:00 Magdalena Riepl
Future of Management
09:45 Jeffrey K. Liker

Lean Leadership

10:30 Networking Break
11:00 Practice Session:
Scientific Thinking and Coaching
12:00 Dr. Henning Beck

Brain the Company – Analog leadership in a digital world

12:30 Networking Lunch
13:30 Parallel Workshops

A) “Boost your Leadership”

B) Think Tank - Future of Leadership

15:00 Lessons Learned und
Closing Remarks
15:30 Individual Departure


Our Speakers

Katie Anderson

For over 20 years, Katie has helped thousands of leaders around the world develop the mindset and capabilities to create organizational learning cultures that foster innovation, engagement, and longevity.

She's on a mission to empower leaders at all levels to lead with intention to achieve higher levels of performance, increase their personal and professional impact, and create a meaningful legacy. Together with Isao Yoshino, she has written the international bestseller Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn.

Dr. Henning Beck

Dr. Henning Beck, neuroscientist and author, supports businesses to use brain-based approaches in order to develop innovative and effective workflows. After his PhD in neuroscience in Tübingen, he worked for start-up enterprises in the San Francisco Bay Area to develop creative workspace designs and advanced communication styles based on neuroscientific principles. He lives and works in Frankfurt and connects the biology of learning, understanding, and innovation with business projects to create state-of-the-art workspace solutions and innovative working environments. He published several books, has regular serials in German business magazines and weekly features on nation-wide radio stations.

Jeffrey K. Liker

Jeffrey K. Liker is a Professor Emeritus, Industrial and Operations Engineering at The University of Michigan and President of Liker Lean Advisors, LLC. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Toyota Way, Second Edition, and has co-authored nine other books about Toyota including The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership.  His graphic novel with Eduardo Lander and Tom Root tells the story of lean transformation at a mail-order company:  Lean in a High-Variability Business.  His articles and books have won thirteen Shingo Prizes for Research Excellence. He was inducted into the Association of Manufacturing Excellence Hall of Fame and the Shingo Academy.

Magdalena Riepl

Magdalena Riepl is Group Leader BU Anchors at Hilti Group. She holds a Master's degree in industrial and mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Vienna and ETH Zurich. She currently works in a leadership role at the Hilti headquarters. Magdalena loves to learn and has built up a lot of experience and knowledge in leadership, strategy, project management, production, development, and supply chain planning over the last 10+ years through her various professional positions. Besides her current job, Magdalena is a speaker and coach and is passionate about helping others to become their best self. Magdalena is an enthusiastic, open-minded and ambitious leader who looks for inspiration every day and loves to inspire others. She wants to positively influence and change the way leadership is understood and how people lead.

Tilo Schwarz

Tilo supports organizations and managers in successfully leading change and empowering their teams for improvement, adaptiveness, and superior results.

He was a plant manager at a renowned German power-tool manufacturer, where he and his management team started practicing Toyota Kata as part of Mike Rother's groundbreaking research in 2006. Tilo is co-founder of the Campus for Leaders at the University of Applied Science Ansbach and the author of several books on coaching and Toyota Kata.

Isao Yoshino

Isao Yoshino spent 40 years at Toyota working in several managerial roles in a variety of departments. Most notably, he was one of the main driving forces behind Toyota’s little-known Kanri Nouryoku (Kan-Pro) program, a manager development initiative (especially for those outside of production) that popularized the use of A3 as the standard method for problem-solving.

The Kan-Pro program was developed in 1978 by Masao Nemoto, who led Toyota’s successful Deming Prize initiative in 1965. Yoshino was one of 4 staff members responsible for training two thousand managers from all over the company. Each leader was to develop their own hoshin kanri in an A3 format, implement it, and provide feedback on it every six months, in front of their managers.

In 1983, he was asked to manage a newly established training program for shopfloor leaders at the NUMMI facility in Fremont, CA. The goal was to show the leaders how Toyota wanted to run the plant by bringing them over to the Takaoka plant in Nagoya for 3 weeks and pairing them up with Japanese counterparts to learn how TPS worked.


Great Ideas

Opening Keynote - Management in Times of Change - Tilo Schwarz

Are you feeling challenged in your role as a manager? Changes we see in the world could become as significant as the Industrial Revolution. Established habits, approaches, and paradigms can become obstacles when things  change. Managers should be catalysts, not obstacles. Whether you are a seasoned executive or an aspiring junior leader, your role is changing - let's embrace the change and become the leaders our teams need us to be.

The Toyota Way - Why Companies Think They Are Lean - But Aren't - Jeff Liker

In many organizations, we see Lean efforts stalling. Lean methods and problem-solving tools have become dormant. Or have they ever been alive at all? Is Lean dead?Jeff Liker has revised his famous bestseller The Toyota Way placing scientific thinking at the center of the Toyota Way System. He says, "scientific thinking is the hub...and we're not great at it". So, let's fix that.

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn - Katie Anderson & Isao Yoshino

Dive into the lifelong learning journey of a unique leader. Learning to lead first and then leading to learn. Discover the power of reflection as a source for learning. Uncover neverbefore-published “insider stories” from pivotal moments in Toyota’s history and fascinating nuances that inspired the Toyota Way. Walk away with fresh insights and excitement about people-centered leadership, organizational excellence, and yourself.

Opening Day 2 - Coach or Tell - Alternative Leadership - Tilo Schwarz

Are you the leader you wish you would have had yourself? The 21st century needs leaders who develop skills, promote eye-level teamwork and create a motivating climate — giving direction instead of micro-management. Coach, not tell. Developing leaders instead of followers. People first. That's what "alternative leadership" is about. Let's make a difference at our workplaces and for our teams. We'll discuss powerful hacks you can use to step up your coaching game.

Future of Management - Magdalena Riepl

Magdalena Riepl works in a leadership role at the Hilti and is passionate about helping others become their best selves. She wants to influence positively and change how leadership is understood, and people lead. Magdalena will take us on her learning journey as a nextgeneration leader.

Lean Leadership - Jeffrey K. Liker

We want organizations to be adaptive, flexible, self-renewing, resilient, learning, and intelligent—attributes found only in living systems. The tension of our times is that we want our organizations to behave as living systems, but we only know how to treat them as machines. Toyota realized that a learning organization, first and foremost, consists of learning individuals. To become a true learning organization, the very learning capacity of the organization should be developing and growing over time as it helps its members adapt to a continually changing competitive environment. So let's discuss how you can do that for your team or organization.

Brain the Company – Analog Leadership in a Digital World - Henning Beck

Disruption is right around the corner – everybody’s searching for creative minds, new ideas, and innovative products to come up with the next big thing. But in fact, the brain is still the only organization able to develop something genuinely new. But how does the brain organize new ideas? How can future leadership benefit from the way humans think, decide and act? How does the human factor make the difference when applying new technologies like artificial intelligence? And what can companies and leaders extract from neurobiology to improve their problem-solving power? Dive into and look behind the scenes of the most flawed yet innovative system in the world. Strictly hierarchical – without a CEO. Completely inefficient – but more powerful than any supercomputer. An effective network thinker – more agile than any optimized company you know of. Henning Beck, neuroscientist, and best-selling author, explains which mindset will make the difference in future businesses.



Experienced executives and entrepreneurs who want to gain new impulses, exchange ideas with other top executives, and - above all - work on themselves.

Young executives who want to prepare themselves optimally for everyday leadership in the 21st century, because top teams need top leadership!

Your hosts



Prof. Dr. Constantin May

renowned researcher, trainer, and author in the field of excellence and leadership


Tilo Schwarz

one of the most experienced KATA trainers and leadership coaches in Germany with many years of management experience

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